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Hey! So yet another Monday is here without a new comic and I feel I owe at least an explanation. I had finally brought my laptop in to be repaired the week before last (I'd been using my work computer in the meantime, but it's not a touchscreen and all of my templates and backgrounds are on my personal laptop). I had two identical broken Toshiba touchscreens: the screen on the first one cracked and I still used it until the screen just gave out, so I moved the hard drive over to my spare (they were a good deal at the time!), which broke at the hinge and I'd used that one until an exposed wire connecting to the screen eventually snapped, hindering that laptop useless as well. I wasn't able to afford yet another laptop and opted for the cheaper solution of having the screen of the first one replaced...which I also couldn't afford! (I probably could've, but other finances were a priority.) I had been extremely busy working a desk job as well as my baking business (not to mention parenting), so there never would've been time to work on comics anyway.

Anyway, I decided to take a break from the baking business to focus on my kids' activities and the holidays, as well as try to relax from all the work I'd been doing as the stress and lack of sleep was causing my health to decline. I also really, really missed working on Company Lunch. So the time had come for me to get my laptop replaced. I brought it in and asked if they would take the non-cracked screen from one and use it to replace the broken screen on the other. They aimed to have it fixed a week ago, last Monday. Unfortunately, as they took the non-broken screen out, it broke, so they had to order a new one. Today, a week later, is another Monday without a comic, haha.

Getting close,!

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